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The carstensen group is an interdisciplinary engineering lab at MIT focusing on developing new rigorous methods and algorithms that can improve structural design.

The digitalization of manufacturing is radically changing how we fabricate and construct structures. Today we can make things that were too complex for manufacture just a few years ago. To fully leverage the new manufacturing possibilities and make our structures lighter, faster, safer, or any other objective we seek, we need to re-think our approach to structural design. In the carstensen group we work with developing structural- and topology optimization frameworks that improves design. We work with design at the conceptual stage, develop algorithmic details for implementation of new  manufacturing considerations and take optimized designs out of the computational space to experimentally investigate their behavior. We are based at MIT in thDepartment of Civil and Environmental EngineeringThe 
ctures we are interested in can have any size; it can be a high-rise building, a part or component of a larger structure or the architecture of a porous material.


Featured Projects


Topology-Optimized Concrete

Concrete beams are designed using existing topology optimization algorithms and cast into falsework that is fabricated with digital tools. The beams are experimentally tested to investigate the performance of the design algorithms outside the computational domain.




77 Massachusetts Avenue

MIT Room 1-153, Attn: Josephine Carstensen

Cambridge MA 02139

United States

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