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News from the Group

Prof. Carstensen to give Keynote at Symposium of Geometry Processing 
Prof. Josephine Carstensen will join Symposium for Geometry Processing (SGP) '24 at MIT as a keynote speaker. SGP is the premier venue for disseminating new research ideas and cutting-edge results in geometry processing. In this research area, concepts from mathematics, computer science, and engineering are studied and applied to offer new insights and design efficient algorithms for acquisition, modeling, analysis, manipulation, simulation and other types of processing of 3D models and shape collections.
Prof. Carstensen promoted to Associate Professor without Tenure
Josephine Carstensen_019.JPG
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has announced that Josephine Carstensen has been promoted to Associate Professor without Tenure effective July 1, 2024. 
New Research published in Journal of Building Engineering
M.Eng. Thesis research by Albertine Van Marcke on automated truss design with reclaimed partially disassembled components now published. Reusing steel structural components has the potential to reduce the carbon ompact of construction. It does, however, require an increased length of the demolition process and dramatically changes the structural design task.To alleviate these concerns, this work presents a new stock-constrained design and optimization framework for designing planar truss structures from a stock library of partially disassembled trusses. 
New Research published in Virtual and Physical Prototyping
The new version of HiTop by graduate student Gillian Schiffer is out in Virtual and Physical Prototyping. The human user can now interactively implement multiple feature size controls to reduce stress concentrations and improve eigenvalues, and energy absorption. Find an implementation with GUI on our group's GitHub.
New Research published in Computers and Structures
New research published on a topology optimization framework that considers the opportunities and constraints associated with extrusion-based AM. By capturing both the discrete nozzle size and the weakness of adjacent bead bonds, the framework simultaneously optimizes the structure and gives a trace for the print path.
Graduate student Jackson Jewett profiled on MIT NEWS
Carstensen Group graduate student Jackson Jewett profiled as the top story on MIT NEWS, discussing his work to help shrink the construction industry’s huge carbon footprint.
New Research published in Engineering Structures
Research on "Improving the manufacturability of highly materially restricted topology-optimized designs with Mixed Integer Linear Programming" is now online in Engineering Structures. 
New Research published in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
Research by Dat Ha, featured in MIT NEWS, on "Human-Informed Topology Optimization: interactive application of feature size controls" is now online in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization.
Hajin Kim-Tackowiak and Jackson Jewett wins the 2nd Annual Lab Competition
Graduate students Hajin Kim-Tackowiak and Jackson Jewett win the 2nd annual Carstensen Group competition with their topology-optimized designs of office gadgets. Hajin had designed a PLA topology-optimized laptop stand and Jackson a concrete picture frame. Other entries included a phone and pen holder (Gillian Schiffer), a name sign holder (Zane Schemmer), and a picture frame (Albertine Van Marcke).
Prof. Carstensen joins the International Paper Committee of WCSMO-15 
The 15th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimisation (WCSMO-15) is hosted hosted by University College Cork, Ireland, and will take place from 5th-9th June 2023. 
New Research released in Architecture, Structures and Construction
Research on "Experimental investigation of ribbing pattern effect on the bonding qualities of water jet cut steel reinforcement" is now online and open access in Architecture, Structures and Construction.
Grace Harrington wins The Juan Hermosilla (1957) Prize
Undergrad research student Grace Harrington wins the The Juan Hermosilla (1957) Prize. This prize will recognize a student in MIT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering who exemplifies exceptional talent and potential for future contributions at the intersection of mechanics, materials, structures, and design.
Prof. Carstensen gives Invited Talk at NEW.MECH
NEW.Mech is a one-day workshop that aims to bring together the New England Mechanics community with an interest in exploring new research directions in the mechanics of materials and structures, and provides an opportunity to share the latest advancements in the field.
Grace Harrington wins the 1st Annual Lab Competition
Undergrad research student Grace Harrington wins the 1st annual Carstensen Group competition with her design of a topology-optimized knife. Other entries included a bowl (Hajin Kim), chop stick holders (Dat Ha), and a bottle opener (Jackson Jewett).
New Research released in Engineering Structures
M.Eng. Thesis research by Ernest Ching, featured in MIT NEWS, on "Truss topology optimization of timber-steel structures for reduced embodied carbon design" is now online in Engineering Structures.
New Research released in Scripta Materialia
Research collaboration with Durham, Yale and Johns Hopkins Universities on "Topology-optimized bulk metallic glass cellular materials for energy absorption" now online in Scripta Materialia
Prof. Carstensen joins the editorial team of ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics 
Journal of Engineering Mechanics covers topics in mechanics as it relates to civil structures. Prof. Carstensen joins the editorial team as Associate Editor.
Prof. Carstensen joins the editorial team of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization is one of the top international peer-reviewed journals on structural optimation and covers topics at the converging frontier of design, engineering, simulation, additive manufacturing, AI and digital-twins. Prof. Carstensen joins the editorial team as Review Editor.
Prof. Carstensen to serve as host for the 14th TOP Webinar
The TOP Webinar is a continuing series of webinars, serving the broad structural and multidisciplinary optimization community, with a focus on topology optimization. The intention is to share the latest research and development in this field, and by doing so, to keep our community connected. TOP Webinar is endorsed by the International Society for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (ISSMO).
Prof. Carstensen to serve as Area Chair for ACM SCF'21
The 6th annual ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication will gather experts and enthusiasts from many areas of academia and industry, in order to explore the use of computational tools for the creation of physical things. SCF provides a venue for participants to discuss cutting-edge results, cross-pollinate ideas, and strengthen interdisciplinary connections and collaborations. 
Carstensen Group presents at WCSMO-14
Graduate Students Hajin Kim and Jackson Jewett, and recent graduate Claire Holley present their latest work at the 14th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (WCSMO-14). 

Prof. Carstensen gives State-of-the-Art Talk on "Topology Optimization: Methodologies and Applications". 
Josephine Carstensen receives the CEE Maseeh Excellence in Teaching Award 
New Research released in Computers & Structures
Research by Carstensen Group visitor Lior Aharoni on "Topology optimization of rigid interlocking assemblies" now online in Computers & Structures
Josephine Carstensen receives NSF CAREER award
Assistant Prof. Josephine Carstensen received the 2021 National Science Foundation CAREER award for her research on “Integrated Design and Digital Fabrication using Topology Optimization and Material Extrusion 3D Printing.”
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